Are you ready to start yoga again? Check our nice yoga clothes and feel great on your mat. Happy shopping!
Are you ready to start yoga again? Check our nice yoga clothes and feel great on your mat. Happy shopping!
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Put down your phone, pick up your life.

Letting Go of Your Cell Phone

When you look around anywhere these days, everyone is glued to their cell phones. They are in hands, faces, with kids... they are taking over the minds of people everywhere!

Perhaps you've been there... aimlessly checking your notifications, scrolling through your media... maybe you're out to dinner with someone or perhaps you end up procrastinating on something as the hours pass by and you don't even realize it. Not only does it not feel good when you do it, but it also doesn't feel good when someone else ignores you for their phone.

Cell phone addiction is certainly an epidemic. Many people feel lost without their phone. The good news there is something you can do about it!

> Change Your Thinking

It's time to cultivate mindfulness when it comes to our cell phones. First of all, we should definitely be grateful for all they do for us: we can contact people instantly, buy things at the touch a finger in the palm of your hand, route yourself on maps in a foreign country... the list goes on! It's when we use these functions even in times we don't need them that this addiction develops.

Then, take a moment to think of all the other things you could be doing instead of being on your phone: enjoying that dinner with your friend, spending time outside, etc.

> Make Healthy Boundaries

Start with making a list of all the things you use your cell phone for. All of the important things. Then, keep track of when you are “checking” certain things when you do not need to. Is it out of boredom? Habit?

If you have notifications turned on for apps that are unnecessary, turn them off. Keep only the important ones such as messages for emergencies and immediate contacts.

> Take Time Off

Create cell phone-free time for yourself. You can start by making your meals cell-phone free. Or put it away for an hour each night, maybe when you are relaxing or making dinner. Another good option is to keep your phone outside the bedroom so you are not tempted to check your e-mail first thing upon waking.

Give your brain some time to wake up and take care of yourself first instead of the check and respond habit! Your brain and body will thank you. You may even want to develop a self-care/meditation routine in the morning and then, when you're done, you can reward yourself by checking your phone and getting on with your day!

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