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Stylish, sustainable yoga wear designed in Antwerp

Bliss Events

Taking time during the weekend to reset your mind and body is key if you want to make the most of the week that lies ahead.

You need a proper recharge. You deserve a moment for yourself. You'll be better for it.

We're superexcited about our upcoming Bliss Brunch that will take place Sunday September 15th. The perfect occasion to claim your me time. 

We start at 10am with an all levels yoga class, followed by a delicious brunch buffet set at a beautiful table in a stylish venue (no buddha's allowed.)

For the september edition we've chosen the new Marble venue from CityWorkers which is so stunning you'll need to force yourself to look down at your mat during downward dog instead of gazing at the gorgeous surroundings.

Tickets are 49 euros and can be ordered by mailing: julie@yogabyjulz.com.

We only have limited spots so better be quick if you'd like to join us...

Bliss Brunch