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Stylish yoga wear designed in Antwerp with

Bliss Brunch

Stretch out in a delicious yoga class, followed by a well-deserved vegan brunch on the covered terrace. A long table where you can sit down, catch up & connect.

Really blissfully start your Sunday and reminisce about it all week long...

Tickets cost 59 euro and can be booked here: https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/tickets-bliss-brunch-59878796091

What can you expect?

- All levels Blissful Yogales with Goele Martens

- Vegan brunch buffet served by Tartelies on the covered terrace of De Serre.

- During brunch you can shop for Yoga By Julz, Rock Your World & Xavies' Granola, among others.

- You get a nice goody bag

About the teacher Goele Martens:

When Goele can move, flow and bring people together, she is completely happy. Her yoga classes are well-structured flows with a focus on breathing and a touch of spirituality. She provides challenges for the more advanced yogis and various options for the beginners. Always with a positive vibe. So every yogi gets off the mat with a yoga bliss!

Tartelies provides the vegan brunch. Tartelies stands for healthy sinning - Vegan, free from gluten, soy & refined sugar but still completely delicious.

XAVIES' Granola:

From Xavie Battel's good intentions to eat less sugar, the XAVIES' label was born.  The breakfast cereals of XAVIES' GRANOLA make a great breakfast with crispy baked cereals, flavored with agave syrup. Aside from being absolutely delicious, they also provide you with the necessary fibers! The deliciously crunchy recipes, artisan preparation and pure ingredients, could convince a lot of Belgians to snack or have breakfast in a healthier way!

Rock your World:

A self-care brand that offers you tools and products to help you achieve your full potential. Rock your World believes in the power of crystals, in the power of smell, but above all in the power that lies within you.

Styling is provided by Madeline Antwerp.

Graphic design: www.howsweetitis.be



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