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​The Virtues of Silence

​The Virtues of Silence
January 14, 2018 No comments

How often do you find yourself talking to yourself? We all do it all the time inside our heads and sometimes even out loud! What about talking just to talk? Or how about those people who seem to talk all the time... just to hear themselves talk?!

Yep, we know their kind, too.

But, we have to ask... how necessary is all this chit-chat? Sometimes it's more distracting than helpful! I'm sure we've all gotten into situations where our words have gotten us into trouble or we feel like we are wasting our breath talking.

What if we just took a deep breath instead?

While the little voices inside our head can certainly be helpful for our decision-making process, it's also super vital that we know how to shut it off! Because often that little voice will feed us fear, self-doubts, anxiety, or more.

Through yogic techniques like meditation and pranayama, one not only silences the mouth but also the mind. It is here, in this calm space, that you can begin to truly connect with yourself on a deeper level. Peel away the self-doubts, fears, and anxieties! You may feel stripped naked in a way, bare like a baby, but it is a fresh start! Silence creates new beginnings.

One of the most popular options is called Vipassana. This meditation style is often taught in 10-day retreats where silence is practiced the entire time. Yes, you read that right! 10 days of silence. Let that sink in for a moment.

Here are our favorite reasons to practice silence, even if only for 1 day:

  • Strengthen Your Mind

When you practice silence, you commit to not speaking and may find yourself tempted to do so. The ability to resist something which is almost like an automatic function is incredibly difficult to do and your brain will thank you in the end.

  • Gratitude for Your Abilities

When you learn to function without speaking regularly, you learn how to use your body language and facial expressions to express yourself. However, another part of this process is completely stripping yourself down so that when you do begin speaking again you feel so grateful for the ability to do so!

  • Become Completely Honest with Yourself

Let's face it, sometimes we end up in bad places in our life because we were not completely honest with ourselves and our choices reflected that. Sometimes we go so far down the rabbit hole, we need a complete reset. And silence is that reset button! It's actually something you can do every day, through meditation, whether 5 minutes or 20, to get completely real, raw, and honest with yourself.

So what's stopping you? There's no better time than the present to try it out. Challenge yourself to take 1 silent day and see how you do! Let us know how it goes.

'A wise man once said nothing.'