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Who's up for Yin Yoga?

Who's up for Yin Yoga?
February 14, 2018 No comments

Yin yoga...I admit, I used to not like it (and I am being polite here), until I went through a period where I felt like my body was lacking the energy for the vinyasa practice I am normally up for. It's so relaxing, sometimes it's better than taking a nap. Which is why I now love it. Added plus? After a yin class I am guaruanteed of a good night sleep.

We all work hard every day. Going to work, exercising, keeping up with our friends and families, and hopefully a regular yoga practice! But sometimes we need a break, and we all deserve it!

The physical side of yoga has been popularized by yang-style disciplines such as vinyasa, power flow, and ashtanga. But yin yoga is a chance to slow down and get deep into some juicy poses and just breathe it all out.

Not only that, but it helps restore your body's energy and exercises your fascia, connective tissue, joints, ligaments, and tendons. Yang-style classes mostly work the big bulky muscle groups, but in fact, almost 50% of our flexibility comes from our fascia... which can only stretch through long and deep holds!

Yin yoga is characterized by holding restorative-type postures in seated or reclined positions for anywhere from 2-20 minutes (on the extreme side). It also blends in Traditional Chinese Medicine theory of the meridians and elements to connect the postures to different organs and/or ailments in the body which can be quite healing for those who practice.

Give yourself a little yin love next time you feel you need to slow down and embrace the present moment.

Our Favorite Yin Poses

> Square Pose

This is a 'stretch and release' for the outer hip muscles. From a seated position, stack the shins so they are parallel with one on top of the other. Fold forward and hold for 3 minutes.

> Melting Heart Pose

Come onto your hands and knees. Walk the hands forward so the head drops down to the floor. Breathe deeply into the chest and shoulders, as if your heart could melt into the earth. Hold for 2 minutes.

> Shoelace Pose

Also sometimes known as Double Pigeon Legs, this pose is another deep outer hip stretch. Cross the legs and squeeze the knees right on to of one another so the heels are close to the hips. Roll forward onto the hands lifting the hips up to accommodate a deeper squeeze of the legs. Fold forward and hold for 3 minutes.