Are you ready to start yoga again? Check our nice yoga clothes and feel great on your mat. Happy shopping!
Are you ready to start yoga again? Check our nice yoga clothes and feel great on your mat. Happy shopping!
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About Us

Our Mission

At Yoga By Julz we love yoga but we also love style. 
So why not combine both? 
Our mission is to offer a range of yoga lifestyle items for yoginista’s.

Yogi-what? A Yoginista is a fashionista who loves yoga and who’s just not willing to go to yoga in a dull t-shirt. 
That simply doesn’t do anything for your karma.

Not that much into yoga? Feel free to wear Yoga By Julz during your morning run, pilates class or just while doing groceries, enjoying a Sunday brunch or an evening on the couch.

Pilates? Hell no, I thought you said pie & lattes?


Our Vision

ByBillie is centered around four elements.

Great style. Great fit. Great minds. Great friends. 

That might need a bit more explanation…

Great style

Pretty obvious but our goal is to get you to your yoga class in a smashing outfit. 
Studies have shown that the clothes you wear can affect your mood. 
So choose your yoga look, go to class, be awesome and downward dog like a boss.

Great fit

That’s a tricky thing with yoga. 
You twist your body into impossible angles, bend your bank, stand on your head and while doing so you would really like your outfit to stay put. 
That’s why we tried to create clothes that truly have a great fit. 
The combination of the design and the fabric are the key to success here. 
Of course everyone has a different shape, so we offer a variety of models.
Only thing left to do is picking the one that’s perfect for you.

Great minds

Yoga is about connecting your mind and your body. 
That’s easier if you don’t have a bungling t-shirt to worry about during headstand. 
Choosing calm colors will have a soothing effect on your mind. 
So opt for a soft color scheme like our beige or soft pink to help you be peaceful, relax and breathe deeply. 
At the same time bright colors can give you an instant energy shot, so we've added some mints and berry in the collection for your power yoga sessions.

Great friends

We encourage every yoga lover to share their yoga experience with the #yogabyjulz! 
Inspire us and show us how you wear your ByBillie outfit during, before or after yoga class.



Please feel free to contact us if you have any question, or just want to say hi!
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